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LEAP is central in all HOLD Uganda programming. It is a policy at HOLD Uganda for all staff to undergo LEAP training. The same applies to HOLD Uganda beneficiaries as prerequisite for enrollment on our charity programs.

HOLD Uganda is planning to Launch D by Z designs business Kamuli for formerly LEAP Trainees.  This will further equip LEAP trainees with practical business skills in tailoring and designs out of which they start their own businesses to enable them earn income. It is expected that many LEAP trainees will go through this business to acquire practical skills, as a business learning centre.


Proceedings that will come out of the sale of pillows and other products from this business will be used by HOLD Uganda to acquire and give out menstrual sanitary towels/pads to young adolescent girls in primary schools in Kamuli district. In addition, when the business expands, HOLD Uganda will support primary schools to establish bathrooms with privacy where the young girls can comfortably change their towels and even WASH when at school.


To sustain this intervention in communities, HOLD Uganda intends to train some LEAP trainees some of whom are parents of the girls in sewing re-usable sanitary towels which will then make the towels available in the rural communities/ at grassroot level.


HOLD Uganda conducted an assessment in Kamuli district to understand why girls drop out of school when they reach upper primary, findings raveled that majority (80%) of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating due to lack of training in menstrual hygiene management and lack of menstrual materials and appropriate sanitation facilities at school.