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My LEAP Encounter and leadership transformation at HOLD Uganda and Communities

‘If you have not attended LEAP training you are incomplete, it doesn’t matter how many other qualifications that you have attained, LEAP is unique and its one size for all whether illiterate or literate, villager or town dweller…you need LEAP knowledge ’

Thanks to Lauren (Executive director of LEAP USA), for first of all for training three HOLD Uganda staff on LEAP and Supporting Partnership growth between HOLD Uganda and LEAP Kumazima, a fellow Uganda based partner managed by Stepncanon. I first of all thought the leadership trainings I had attended were enough and had given me enough leadership knowledge and skills. However, after completing LEAP T.O.T training, I thanked God because I was able to discover a new beginning towards achieving the vision and aim of HOLD Uganda. At HOLD Uganda LEAP brought us together further, LEAP brought cohesion in our team and communities.

It’s now a policy at HOLD Uganda to train our community members on LEAP as prerequisite for benefiting from any of our programs. This applies to new HOLD Uganda staff because LEAP knowledge had made management and leadership of our organization easy.  Community based and it makes it easy for HOLD Uganda staff to support communities members who are LEAP trained. HOLD Uganda has directly trained 200 participants (women, youths, local leaders community members) on LEAP and the LEAP fire is still burning. When HOLD Uganda trains leaders (youths, women and community) we follow them up to ensure that they equally train others in the villages where they come from. HOLD Uganda recently recruited a volunteer in charge of Tailoring and Design (Ms. Fatuma Nabirye) and she is currently undergoing LEAP training under the facilitation of Ms Martha Zalwango (HOLD Uganda Programs coordinator).