LEAP to Lead Training

Under the guidance of trained coaches, and co-led by students who have successfully completed the program, participants learn leadership skills through a series of 12 experiential learning workshops. Students explore their individual vision for addressing specific issues that affect their community and society at large. They are accountable to create and follow weekly action plans, practice collaborative problem solving skills, improve public speaking, and test their newly learned leadership skills.

Zoe Learning

As a LEAP student, I trained to teach my peers LEAP to Lead with other peers who had all been trained to teach others what they had been taught, so they could feel confident that they could take their knowledge and display it to others.

With a focus on changing the way we look at a local or global issue and developing a program where we can feel as though we’re making a difference while also creating partnerships, I gained a variety of skills and competencies: A voice, patience, a sense of community (locally and globally), and a sense of worth. 

LEAP Coaching

As a LEAP student, I was coached by multiple leaders over the course of 5 years with my peers both local and global, like me and different, in various schools, classrooms and learning environments both locally and globally.

Through my coaching, I gained a variety of skills and competencies: confidence, focus, determination, having a vision, being assertive & having a dream to make something better than it is.

Example LEAP Coaching Session: How Does a Student’s Family Background Affect Their Future Career?

Hayley Collier: In my opinion, a person’s background can have a large impact on their future career. The people whom you meet and their occupation can affect the careers path that you choose to follow. For example, if your parents were both doctors, you would most likely have been exposed to many situations in this area. This may make you more sure of whether you are interested or not in following this career path. Also, the level of education in your family and their attitude towards education will influence the amount of support you receive from them when deciding the profession you wish to go into.

Drew Hardin: In addition to Hayley‘s comment, family members can create connections, similarly to what we talked about with the University/College v. Vocational Schools. We talked about how colleges and universities could create webs of contacts and connections. Family members in a similar career allow to give recommendations to colleagues which overall benefit the students. Although this system is arguably unfair, it is present today.

Lauren Calahan: Taylor, I think this would make a great survey monkey for parents and other students alike – what do you think? Can you please come today having reached out to Robin and able to summarize the survey you already tallied? Let me know how much time you need so we can have it on the agenda, and of course let me know if you want help – we could meet prior to LEAP to support you.

Lubega JJ: In my opinion, I think it is about a person’s choice that determines his/her future. Regardless what your family background is, I believe it is all about the choices you make at each and every step of your life. Smart choices will often draw you closer to your goals and the reverse is true. At the end of the day, it is all about who want to be, and how does it make you valuable to your community.

Kasule Micheal: In case you really realize the mistakes your parents did or chances you did not have in the old time right now every second you grow, so it’s about you to work hard and forget what you went through so your children can not face the same challenges and rough storms you went through and make this world a better place for them. I do not blame my family background for the fact that I do not know any uncle or aunt of mine so it’s just my mum and I don’t regret living with out them or knowing them. I am grown now and all I do is think about my success. Please do not blame your family background for any thing.

Zoë Calahan: I agree with Jimmy. No matter what your family background is, you can always make choices that will help to get you on the right track, headed to places where you want to end up. Granted, growing up in hard situations will make it harder to make these great choices because of the lack of resources. In my mind, where you get to in life is completely up to the choices and decisions you make along the way.

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