Our Impact

Our Impact

DBZ follows a model that removes handouts and assures that when one pillow is bought in a local store, one pillow is also made by one of our global partners to spread the beauty of design with a charitable twist.


LEAP’s Impact on Me

I believe my LEAP teaching and training helped me develop values that are required to become a successful entrepreneur: 



A sense of community

Being resourceful

Having a voice





“If you don’t feel there was an impact, if you are not feeling that the time was important, I will impress upon you to look further, for as someone said to me once, you will never know – sometimes forever – the impact you made on others – you have to trust in the power of personal connections – which happen to be the hardest to measure.”

Lauren Calahan, Founder of Leap4change

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 LEAP Gala, May 30, 2015