My Leap Story

My LEAP journey began with me tagging along at meetings and training sessions with my mom as she developed this program and has evolved into me taking the skills and learning experiences gained and using them to create something both rewarding and interesting that affects multiple communities and brings my passions to the world.


I participated in three distinct LEAPs…


We worked with Africa AHEAD, an organization that promotes holistic health improvements in African communities, FAFU, a Kenya-based child development network to think of ways to improve the lives of children in Kibera, an impoverished area in Nairobi, Kenya, and others, on health and personal empowerment initiatives in Kibera. Learn more.



And then DBZ became involved with HOLD Uganda:

The Issue

Lack of sleeping pillows in hospitals and community spaces in Uganda


Our Solution

Create a middle ground product that was needed both in our local and global environment 


Visit Designs by Zoe for more information and our storefront

Our Impact

DBZ follows a model that removes handouts and assures that when one pillow is bought in a local store, one pillow is also made by one of our global partners to spread the beauty of design with a charitable twist.

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LEAP’s Impact on Me

I believe my LEAP teaching and training helped me develop values that are required to become a successful entrepreneur: 



A sense of community

Being resourceful

Having a voice





“If you don’t feel there was an impact, if you are not feeling that the time was important, I will impress upon you to look further, for as someone said to me once, you will never know – sometimes forever – the impact you made on others – you have to trust in the power of personal connections – which happen to be the hardest to measure.”

Lauren Calahan, Founder of Leap4change

Why LEAP? Learn more.

 LEAP Gala, May 30, 2015