• High School drop out rate in major US cities is nearly 50%

  • Officials use the rate of illiteracy by 4th grade to help calculate future prison needs

  • Cost of inmate = $24.0 year vs $10.5 year for public education

  • 90% of addictions get their start in the teenage years

  • 75% of girls with low self esteem report engaging in negative behavior such as cutting, bullying smoking, disordered eating and drinking.

What makes LEAP different than other outreach programs?


Each LEAP program uses an experiential and diverse curriculum designed to:

Transform a dominant pattern of material and financial handouts into unlimited, deliberate partnerships based on equality, empowerment and education.

Connect money, community, education and empowerment with three distinctions:

  1. Poverty is defined as the loss of human potential

  2. Philanthropy is a love for humanity that requires equality and is actually not about money

  3. Money by itself is ineffectual and needs community commitment, education and empowerment to have a sustainable effect.

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