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LEAP Consulting

Curriculum Training

When ADI decided to leap4change…

Step 1: Assessment of ADI’s Current and Envisioned Program

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Step 2: ADI and LEAP Program Development

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Step 3: Program Implementation

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Step 4: Measure, re-assess, revise, implement

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And the partnership continues to grow…

Summer 2016

Creation of ADI with LEAP in Action Curriculum

Fall 2016

Revisions of ADI with LEAP to Lead Curriculum

4 New Partnerships:

The Dalton School

The Allen-Stevenson School

P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos School

P.S. 129 John H. Finley School

ADI Professional Development


ADI Directors in NYC and Mexico coach ADI Teachers to be…


ADI teachers are engaged in creating, practicing, and demonstrating an art, including visual, performing, and literary arts.


ADI teachers have transformative ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Dynamic Thinkers

ADI teachers are confident and independent thinkers. They radiate enthusiasm and energy, and actively pursue objectives.

Engaged Problem Solvers

ADI teachers envision, asses and impact community and world issues as creative and engaged problem solvers.


ADI teachers cultivate strong interpersonal relationships through respectful communication and conflict resolution.


ADI teachers use a respectful and powerful voice to build partnerships and inspire others with their ideas.


ADI teachers challenge themselves to find and introduce new methods and ideas, reaching beyond comfortable and conventional methods to inspire and spark change.

Culturally Competent

ADI teachers, often bi- or multilingual, search out the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures with an inclusive and worldly outlook.  

Positive thinkers

ADI teachers emit enthusiasm and optimistically inspire others to recognize the gift in each situation.


ADI teachers embody the organization, discipline, compassion, and communication skills of a good leader, engaging and motivating others to excel as well.

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Staying connected…

Weekly Coaching Call

ADI Teachers review and create weekly lesson plans using the ADI with LEAP to lead lesson template, adding a unique and individualized art project.

During the weekly coaching call, the Director and ADI teacher discuss:

  1. The implementation of last week’s lesson
    • What went well?
    • What could have gone better?
    • What changes do we need to make?
  2. Plans for this week’s lesson
    • Review art project component
    • Review leadership component
      • If appropriate, model and practice LEAP to Lead exercises
  3. Site coordination
    • Supplies
    • Classroom condition
  4. Student involvement and participation
    • Assess current student interest, engagement, involvement, and participation
    • Adjust lesson plan to meet the needs of the students
    • Plan supports to meet all students’ learning differences

Monthly Observations

ADI Directors visit and observe each ADI site at least once a month. When observing an ADI lesson, the Director is looking for:

  1. From the ADI Teacher:
    • Clarity
    • Organization
    • Time Management
    • Individualized student attention
    • Ongoing self-reflection and adjustment
  2. From the ADI Students:
    • Interest, engagement and participation
    • Communication using the “3 Tools of Respect”
    • Positive socialization and pro-social behaviors
    • Self-motivation
    • Understanding and knowledge retention
    • Ongoing self-reflection and impulse control

After the lesson is observed, ADI Directors provides the ADI Teacher with constructive feedback. Together they brainstorm strategies to address points of improvement:

  1. Lesson execution
  2. Discussion facilitation
  3. Organization and time management
  4. Students or groups of students facing particular challenges

It is important that the Director share a few essential notes with each teacher after an observation to ensure that the points were salient and the changes were achievable. 

Curriculum Training


The ADI team in NYC and Mexico meet every month. This meeting takes place via Skype or in-person when possible. The monthly meetings serve several purposes:

  1. Share organizational information and updates
  2. Share teaching experiences and practices
  3. Provide feedback, suggestions and teaching strategies
  4. Model, practice, and discuss LEAP to Lead curriculum
  5. Brainstorm new ideas for the curriculum and program
  6. Plan upcoming community events
  7. Introduce, discuss and consider new educational research, global art projects, current events, or teaching practices/strategies


ADI Global Team

IMG_1571_picmonkeyedThe ADI global team of Directors, Teachers, Students, and Families impact our communities and our world through…


SueñosArtísticos84 ADI WFD 4ADI Students in NYC discussing a mural for a Global Exchange Day


The ADI Chorus performs at the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Artistic Dreams International

The ADI Chorus performs at the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Artistic Dreams International


IMG_1501_picmonkeyed (1)

ADI Students in Mexico work on their balance and focus through yoga.

ADI Movement at International Mother Earth Day Celebration

Ideas and Leadership Concepts


IMG_3588 (1)

ADI students in NYC brainstormed ways to reduce global hunger at the World Food Day Celebration.

ADI WFD 5 (2)

ADI Student in NYC working on art while Skyping with ADI students in Mexico

Then shared their ideas with the ADI students in Mexico via Skype.

Community Projects IMG_6118


ADI students in Mexico beautified their community by hand-paining the garbage bins.

The success of our team depends on communication at…

  • ADI Classes
  • Community Events
  • Global Exchange Days
  • Team Orientations 
  • Team Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching Calls

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