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LEAP coaches prepare students and young adults for today’s global economy by inspiring collaborative, student leadership between three diverse communities. In order to begin the process of building leaders in New Canaan, Stamford, and Kibera, LEAP’s coaches inspired students to identify and work towards the following goals :

  • Build accountability
  • Identify roles of team members
  • Develop partnerships with both coaches and peers
  • Create weekly objectives
  • Establish a communication schedule with Kibera
  • Choose a mission based on a common passion and chronic issues.

Students assessed the negative impact of the most pressing and relevant issues throughout the three communities. The teams identified issues ranging from sustainability of impact, to low self-esteem and anti-drug advocacy.

The LEAP4Kibera team created a collaborative mission and set out on a 4 years journey to develop action plans that would ultimately lead to the design and implementation of programs committed to:

  • transform human waste to fertilizer,
  • reduce bullying,
  • train student and professional leaders,
  • inspire community health care for all.

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