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Leap to Lead

The actual teaching of LEAP students is realized through a structured, 12-unit leadership training and development program with weekly personal and peer coaching. The skills covered in this curriculum help identify and eliminate hurdles that keep the individual from reaching his or her potential. LEAP to Lead is focused on the following themes:

  • Unit 1: Who Me a LEADER? Choose respect, response ability and leadership
  • Unit 2: Vision and Voice: Act with conviction, courage, commitment and compassion
  • Unit 3: Touch, Move, and Inspire: Inspire the individual to believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork
  • Unit 4: Integrity and Accountability: A leader acts with integrity and accountability
  • Unit 5: Stand up and Bounce Back: Be fully responsible for your life
  • Unit 6: Resilience: Identify your patterns of resilience and commit to strength in adversity
  • Unit 7: Facts are Facts, Speak to Success: Clearly understand the difference between the facts and your interpretation of the facts
  • Unit 8: Humility and Confidence: How to build confidence with humility
  • Unit 9: Failure as Opportunity: Unmask the fear of failure
  • Unit 10: Look in the Mirror: Be self aware and don’t go it alone
  • Unit 11: Completion and Commitment: Commitment vs attachment
  • Unit 12: Choose to be a Life Long Leader: Who do you choose to be?

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