“Thank You Letters,” By FAFU Students, January 2013

January 2013

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To: Cross Cultural Thresholds and Real Foundations

From: Victor-George Kale (Ka-Lee)

Age: 19-years-old

Tribe: Luhya

Education: Grade 7

Background: Victor-George takes care of his sick mother. His father and siblings have passed away.  For years, he has needed eye glasses and couldn’t go outside on sunny days because of a serious eye condition.  He dreams of working in the tourism industry.

Service: Paid for Eye Exam and Prescription Glasses (cost approximately $100)

Dear Thresholds and Real Foundations,

Thank you for giving me the chance to go to the doctor and to buy glasses.  Since I was a boy, I had problems with seeing and the new glasses have made a big difference. Before I would buy cheap sunglasses in Kibera, but they didn’t last long or help me to see. Now I am so happy because I can see well and the sun does not bother me. Even my mom is happy.  

Honestly, I never thought in my life I could get glasses and see because of the cost. Being able to see has helped my self-esteem, helped me to feel happier, and maybe will help me to get a job. Thank you again for the gift of new glasses. May God bless you Carter, Annie and Real Foundations.




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To: Cross Cultural Thresholds and Real Foundations

From: Marsye Otieno

Age: 18-years-old

Tribe: Luo

Education: Grade 12

Background: Marsey was doing well in school and her family was making ends meet before her aunt died and left 8 daughters orphaned. Marsey’s mother took them in. Now there are 10 girls living in their 8’ by 8’ living space. Most of the girls are younger and with less schooling. Marsey’s parents have fallen behind, and can no longer afford her school fees since they now have 10 girls to support. Since April, Marsey has been reporting to school every day, but is usually sent home for having payment in arrears. Marsey is a natural leader, has only 1 term left before graduating from high school, and is desperate to go to college. She is driven to become a lawyer and leave the slum.

Service: Paid for all school fees in arrears, paid for Grade 12 exam fees and graduation fees (cost approximately $200 US dollars)

Dear Thresholds and Real Foundations,

I would like to take this chance to thank CCT and Real Foundations for having paid my school fees, final examination fees, and graduation fees. It has been a very difficult year for me and my family. Many days, I am up at 4:30 in the morning to do my homework. I walk across Kibera to school, sit down in the classroom, and often get sent home because my fees have not been paid. I was losing hope, and uncertain whether or not I would be able to graduate.  

Because of your gift, I am now certain that I am going to sit for my final exam in High School and then continue to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. I want to be a judge and be an advocate for the underserved populations in Kenya.

Thanks once again for your generous gift.  My family could have never come up with the necessary funds, and you people have cleared the way for me! Thank you!


Marsye Otieno

Chair Person/FAFU Teens

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To: Cross Cultural Thresholds and Real Foundations

From: Brian Hamisi Odina

Age: 19-years-old

Tribe: Luhya

Education: Graduated from High School

Background:  Brian lives with his single mother and 2 younger sisters. His mother has had cancer for the last 6 years and Brian takes care of the family. After finishing high school, Brian struggled to find his way. He was drinking and drugging with a rough crowd of teenage boys. He was invited to join the FAFU Teens, and immediately developed a reputation as a conscientious and hard worker. In April, he was hired as an employee at FAFU coordinating the feeding program and the newly formed music program.

Service: Paid for his salary as a FAFU employee (approximately $1000 annually)

Dear Thresholds and Real Foundations,

Not even one year ago, my life had no hope. I spent my days drinking local brew with no thought of a better future.  After joining the FAFU teens, my life began to get better.    

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Thresholds for making it possible for me to have a job at FAFU. I work with the feeding program and our new music program. By creating this chance, my days have more focus and purpose. My connection with the children at FAFU makes me to believe that I am making the slum a better place.  

Working at FAFU has also improved my self-esteem, and made it possible to create more security for my mom and younger sisters. We have been able to pay the rent, and have some small amount of food in the home.

Thank you, Thresholds and Real Foundations for your support. I appreciate it more than I can say. You will always remain our best partners.


Brian Hamisi Odina

FAFU Employee