“Bullying Reflection,” By Leslina Dangler, February 15, 2013

She remembers the time of rushing to every class to avoid the harsh verbal words being spoken. Staying strong to be a better person. How it would hurt her grades from being distracted on how to get to the next class. The thoughts of what would happen if someone bumped into her. She remembers hiding from the bully. At one point not being able to sleep thinking, “what will tomorrow bring?” Will eventually her being ignored like a total idiot tell her, “wow she is actually stronger than I am?” She remembers walking to the water fountain and being pushed so the bully can drink the water. She constantly held her peace and hand in a fist. She hesitated to make a reaction, knowing the consequences – that she could be suspended or blamed for the start of the fight. She walked away with a tear falling from her left eye of anger that builds up inside for months. One day she waits for the bully to come. Finally she came and said, “not you again!”

She goes to her face to say, “Did you know that I am not actually scared of you? You’re just a goofy 8th grader who has no life but to bother me. But listen, the only reason I don’t react is because I wanted you know you’re the older one picking on someone younger. Who does that? (Get a life). Also, I know what I am capable of doing so you are messing with the wrong one.”

She gave her a dirty look and walked away. Everyone saw her and said OMG! A girl, Diamond came up to her and said, “Thank you; she has been bothering me too.”