Meet Founder of Facing the Future School (FAFU), Simeon Ajigo

Simeon Ajigo, Founder of FAFU


Simeon spent part of his childhood living in Kibera and later worked for many years at the Kibera YMCA. After conducting research, Simeon learned that a number of single mothers were giving their children alcohol while they left the house for work. For these women, it was a choice between staying at home and not having the money to feed them both, or leaving their child asleep at home, and finding the money to survive. Simeon made it his mission to build a daycare. Shortly, Simeon’s vision for Facing the Future School grew to include a nursery, primary school, health center and a community outreach program for teenagers in Kibera.


FAFU School’s campus also serves as a meeting place for the FAFU Youth Program, which offers community service opportunities for young adults living in Kibera. Many of the program’s members lack the funds to complete their high school or college education. During their free time, the FAFU Youth members, ages 14-21, volunteer in the community and work together to maintain their paths towards education and employment. Some of these bright young adults have overcome drug addiction, violence in their homes, and bullying in the slum. They are devoted to creating a better future for themselves, their families, and their community in Kibera.

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