Austen, Abby, and Will create a club!

New Canaan High School Club Fair

Austen, Abby and Will attended the New Canaan High School Club Fair with the goals of sharing their LEAP work, team building, and inspiring respect from the principal at NCHS.


LEAP is a program that focuses on both local and global connections. First, we created an equal partnership with kids from the Boys and Girls Club from Stamford to build new relationships, break down barriers, and eliminate stereotypes. In turn, we (New Canaan and Boys & Girls Club) have created a partnership that is equal with a group of teens in Kibera, a slum in Kenya. Kibera is a slum that is only the size of central park, yet it is home to around 1 million people. Trash and bullying are just two issues our partners have decided to work on. By communicating weekly with the teens in Kibera, our partnership has enabled us to get insight on what is happening with the slum, give the teens advice on how things work here and how to help them financially. LEAP is unlike any other club. We don’t perform the handout model, where we raise funds, and ship them off to a specific foundation. Instead, we work with the less fortunate, creating goals together and working towards them. We feel this is needed, and let’s each group of kids learn from this incredible experience.

The LEAP team,

Will Cuoco, Austen Deery, and Abby Herman


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