Meet the Stamford Students!


Stamford, Connecticut, also known as “The City of Works,” sits along the Long Island Sound approximately 30 miles from Manhattan. A metropolis comprised of 16 neighborhoods and a population of 122,000, Stamford offers a rich diversity of culture, wealth, and lifestyle that can’t necessarily be found in its neighboring suburbs. The students from the LEAP Stamford team tend to come from less affluent backgrounds than their New Canaan counterparts, but their intelligence, integrity, and drive more than makes up for what they may lack in financial resources.

Having a diversity of backgrounds is what has made the LEAP4Kibera projects so successful, both on a local and global scale. Though they may have been raised differently, students from Stamford have generally found that they encounter the same issues and daily struggles as other children their age. In collaborating with local and global partners through advocacy projects and pen-pal communication, graduates of the LEAP Stamford program took steps toward gaining the skills they needed to become leaders in their community and beyond.



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