LEAP to Lead Training

Under the guidance of trained coaches, and co-led by students who have successfully completed the program, participants learn leadership skills through a series of 12 experiential learning workshops. Students explore their individual vision for addressing specific issues that affect their community and society at large. They are accountable to create and follow weekly action plans, practice collaborative problem solving skills, improve public speaking, and test their newly learned leadership skills.


LEAP Coaching

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Motivation: LEAP Student Reflection

Family Reflections

The Power of Youth Employment: A Discussion

Training to Teach

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LEAP Kumazima Soccer and Leadership Training


Unit 5 – Choose to Stand Up and Bounce Back: Example of an OMG Moment


LEAP to Lead Training in Darien, CT

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?


Program Design in Norwalk, CT 2014-2015


Training at the Carver Center, Norwalk, CT


Teaching Our Partners and Peers

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Teaching in Kampala, Uganda


Training in Rwanda Rusizi District Bordering Congo


Teaching LEAP with Dr. Waterkyn, Chief Officer of Africa AHEAD


Meet Our Team