“If you don’t feel there was an impact, if you are not feeling that the time was important, I will impress upon you to look further, for as someone said to me once, you will never know – sometimes forever – the impact you made on others – you have to trust in the power of personal connections – which happen to be the hardest to measure.”

Lauren Calahan, Founder of Leap4change



What’s New?

With financial support from LEAP HOLD Uganda has been able to rent space in Kamuli town where the LEAP D by Z-Hold Uganda designers’ business is being established.  We acquired sewing machines already installed at the premise. Hold Uganda identified a volunteer (Ms Fatuma) who is currently developing training content and as she learns LEAP.


HOLD Uganda is planning to Launch D by Z designs business Kamuli for formerly LEAP Trainees.  This will further equip LEAP trainees with practical business skills.


LEAP is central in all HOLD Uganda programming. It is a policy at HOLD Uganda for all staff to undergo LEAP training. The same applies to HOLD Uganda beneficiaries as prerequisite for enrollment on our charity programs.


LEAP has enables us build a strong and committed team.

Charles Mudhumba: Executive Director  for HOLD Uganda and trainer of LEAP

Martha Zalwango: Programs Coordinator for HOLD Uganda and trainer of LEAP

Mwase John: Program Officer for  HOLD Uganda and trainer of LEAP

Ndifuna Kinili: Volunteer- Field officer for HOLD Uganda- LEAP trainee

Fatuma Nabirye: Volunteer- Tailoring and Design Instructor for HOLD Uganda D by Z business- being trained on LEAP

New Project secured

As a result of LEAP, HOLD Uganda was able to secure Promic funding program from SWISS hand foundation Netherland. When their country representative visited HOLD Uganda to assess our management and leadership systems and capacity, HOLD Uganda staff body and some beneficiaries were found with good leadership and management capacity to run the program and in June 2016, the Promic program was awarded to HOLD Uganda for bugulumbya Sub-county.

Business sustainability has been realized among LEAP trainees who are beneficiaries of Promic Program.

HOLD Uganda made it a policy that all community members we serve have to undertake LEAP training as one of the requirements for accessing other services. We have realized that all the businesses being run by LEAP trainees in our community are very sustainable and their managers always thank HOLD Uganda for equipping them with LEAP skills on top of other services.

HOLD Uganda has gained visibility and trust by the community in Kamuli district

Hold Uganda was contacted by Kamuli district local government officials at Bugulumbya sub-county to go and train the newly elected staff/executive in LEAP. As HOLD Uganda we didn’t have the resources in terms of stationary, venue, and other costs surrounding the training. We thus requested them to facilitate the training, but they have not yet come back to us. The LC3 Chairperson Bugulumbya Sub-county confessed that majority of the elected village and parish representative and sub-county committee need LEAP Training.

LEAP Trainee became HOLD Uganda volunteer (Kinili Indifuna), He was in the first group that HOLD Uganda trained LEAP in busandha parish. He gained courage and applied for volunteer position and HOLD Uganda accepted his application. He is now working as field officer (volunteer) for Busandha parish.Ndifuna always says, if it wasn’t for LEAP I would have been given the opportunity to lead Busandha parish project area.